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Myopia Control Clinic

LOOK Optical is now offering two clinically proven evidence-based methods to treat and control myopia. We have reviewed over a decade of clinical studies, with the mission to reduce the evidence-based visual threats of the more nearsighted patient such as glaucoma and retinal disease.

The incidence of myopia is on the rise and LOOK Optical offers the following two treatments to slow or even halt the progression of childhood myopia.

  1. Orthokeratology- worn overnight, this contact lens eliminates the need for daytime glasses or contacts and can slow down or halt the progression of myopia.
  2. Soft Daily Multifocal Contact Lenses- Clear daytime  vision in lenses worn only during hours you are awake and can slow or halt the progression of myopia.

Prospective myopia  control patients would be children and young adults with the following risk factors:

  1. A parent who is nearsighted
    (can’t see well far away without glasses)
  2. A current diagnosis of nearsightedness
  3. Limited exposure to outdoor activities
  4. Excessive concentration for up cliose activities

LOOK Optical offers a free consultation and also provides access to many on-line resources for the clinical background of these promising treatments.

Please e-mail us for and appointment.

The idea for a Myopia Control Clinic for kids comes from being a parent, with all of us wanting our children to do well and have every advantage without limitation.

LOOK Optical’s mission is: To enhance the lives of others with the best products and service.

Alex Thayer, LDO, COT, ABOC, NCLEC, has been an adjunct professor teaching Contact Lenses at Benjamin Franklin Institute, Boston, MA,  is a Massachusetts Licensed Dispensing Optician,  and has designed and fit contact lenses for all ages for over 20 years.

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