Frequently Asked Questions

Why are on-line glasses so cheap?

Consider for a minute what you’re buying: a prescription medical  device that usually requires hands-on service before and after the sale. In-person measurements from an optician before making the lenses always yields better visual results and frames that change shape due to the insertion of prescription lenses frequently need one or more adjustments for a perfect fit. Consider too that keeping your purchase local gives back to the local economy and helps our small downtown economy stays vibrant and it is a great way for LOOK to keep supporting the 30 plus local organizations that provide great services to our community!

What’s the best way to clean glasses?
Our mantra: NEVER rub a dry lens!! Rinse first with cool tap water or with a pre-moistened wipe. Then dry with a clean soft cloth. For the best cleaning-a couple drops of the mildest dish soap (that doesn’t have moisturizer or additives that will smear a lens) on the lenses. Rub the soap over the lens, and then rub the soap on the entire frame, even the nosepads. Rinse and dry, and that will remove debris that can shorten the life of your investment!

Do you take insurance?
Yes, we honor most insurances discounts.

Does my insurance pay for glasses?
A good question and not a simple answer. The easiest thing to do is to access the website of your specific insurance plan and print out a copy of your benefits – we can also do this at LOOK, if you don’t have Internet access.

What benefits can VSP patients use at LOOK?
Your eye exam is submitted to VSP for reimbursement. Exclusive LOOK Optical VSP eyeglass discounts for frame and lenses are also honored and your costs are further reduced by your reimbursement from VSP for the frame and lens (effectively giving you a DOUBLE DISCOUNT that VSP providers can’t match!!). We also offer these discounts whenever and however often you’d like to use them-unlike VSP, who only allow some benefits every TWO years!!

I have contacts that work fine but the Rx expires soon. Do I need an exam?
We (and the FDA) believe contacts are a medical device applied to the eye and patients should have a yearly dilated exam.

What’s “glasses duplication”?
A new pair of eyeglasses made with the same prescription as what you’re wearing. If you see fine, but the lenses are scratched or if your Transitions don’t get as dark anymore, simply upgrade to a new pair without having an exam.

How long do glasses take to make?
We can have a single vision job to you in 48 hours.

Adult and Pediatric Eyewear and Contact Lenses

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