Prescription Eyewear

new_frames_1Our dispensary has a distinctive collection of imported and American-made frames. We are careful to select frame designs not offered by other shops to make your selection truly unique. We have frames for the whole family, including our dedicated pediatric line. We have rimless, semi-rimless, demi-rimless frames along with the most outrageous daring styles and colors in plastic and metal to accentuate your LOOK! We also offer frames in “Memory Metal”-flexible material to handle life’s unexpected twists and turns.


Sun glasses

Sun glasses

Safety never looked so good! We offer sunwear that provides optimal safety from UV and impact while keeping your vision crisp. Whether you’re looking for Transition light-changing lenses, HD-”high definition” free-form progressive bifocal sunglasses, or a smudge-free anti-reflective coated non-glare lens-we have all your options covered. With our Good, Better, Best packages, you can choose what fits your needs – or design your own package! …How about a silver flash mirror coating for that special evening out… or that blue-blocking back-side Anti-Reflective coated shooting lens…?

Adult and Pediatric Eyewear and Contact Lenses

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