Welcome to LOOK Optical

Located at 56 Main Street, Maynard, Massachusetts.
Phone:  978-461-3937

Usual Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9am-6pm,  Saturday 9am-1pm

Walk-In appointments for eyeglasses orders welcome during business hours

Mondays by appointment.

We are changing the way eyewear is dispensed.

We specialize in personalized eyewear and eyecare – unique designs of glasses and contact lenses that are customized creations. We carry frames from small design houses and now we design our own line of frames called F.A.C.E. (Future And Classic Eye-wear)

With our “Free RX Check”, we will assure you that your eyewear provides the best possible vision for your eyes today, whether your prescription is one day, one week or one year old.

The incidence of myopia, also called nearsightedness, (difficulty seeing far away without glasses) is on the rise and LOOK Optical offers cutting edge treatments to slow or even halt the progression of childhood myopia.
Click here to read about our Myopia Control Clinic and learn more about the ways you can help your children excel without limitation.

Adult and Pediatric Eyewear and Contact Lenses

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