Contact Lenses

Alex Thayer has 20 years of experience fitting contact lenses. We offer every conceivable design for every eye and fit soft, gas perms, theatrical, prosthetic and therapeutic custom contacts for astigmatism, dry eye and even bifocal wearers. If you’ve been told, “that’s the best we can do for you”-please consider trying customized contact lens care. At LOOK, we have the RT-7000 digital topographer to assist you in defining your personal corneal map-to better fit you with the contact lens that will be the most comfortable and the clearest.
We have accounts with most major brands and can update your Rx if it is about to expire (Rx’s for contacts are good for one year in Massachusetts).

We are excited about offering Corneal Refractive Therapy – the answer to contact lens-related dry eye! Say goodbye to daytime glasses and contacts for school, sports and activities that require excellent vision without eyewear. This “correction while you sleep” modality has been studied internationally, and has been clinically proven to stop myopic progression for some patients [data on file].

Wouldn’t you like the option of trying to prevent your nearsightedness from happening to your children? With FDA approval for CRT (2003) for any age – you can. Alex Thayer was the first COT in Massachusetts to be a certified practitioner in CRT in 2005. Please access this link to Paragon CRT’s website and call us for any questions you might have.

Adult and Pediatric Eyewear and Contact Lenses

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